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Hanna's Story

With her daddy’s strong work ethics and her mother’s free spirit. I have a very unique blend of bold and brave.

After many things in life hit me hard I decided it was time to do what I always wanted to do!

I am 40 yrs old from a small Mid west town. I grew up with bon fires, two-tracks, dune buggies and lots of land to play in.  Always had a crappy car and was always trying to learn how to fix them. My Dad didn’t have the patience to teach me, but I knew more than any boyfriend I may have had.

I’ve always been an inquisitive person. I am that person that sees something I like done and says

"I can do that" and I do it.

Sometimes it’s a big fail and sometimes I’m like holy shit I pulled that off!’

Not only am I tired of getting ripped off at auto shop's but we all know it’s sexy as hell if a woman actually knows what she’s talking about under a hood.

I proudly served my country in the U.S Army for 3yrs active duty (88N) – Honorable Discharge.

There was never really a good opportunity to truly get in there and learn.

20 yrs later I still have a crappy car i am always working on and still paying too much for labor. I am always still trying to get under someone’s hood to try and help.

What sounded like a really fun photo shoot turned into a chain of events that everyone was waiting for and no one expected.

Hanna the Handy Babe decided to turn some wrenches and work hard to be a Hot Rod honey.

I have arrived guys, Hot Rod Hanna is here to learn and get it done with a little spice and some sexy thrown in.