Hotrodbabez is very proud to present our very own and one of a kind

Sexy Muscle Car Mechanic

We Proudly Welcome you to

Hot Rod Hanna's Homepage

Lets get right to the point.  

Hanna came to for a photo shoot. As we played around the garage shooting Miss Hanna's sexy side. We discovered Hanna's true love for old Chevelle's and trucks.
One thing lead to another and we learned that she is a one of a kind!
Miss Hanna is a down home mid west bad ass country girl! 
After a few discussions and explaining to her our ideas of the sites we planned to open. She then explained that this was her life growing up and she would love to help and she wants to learn how to build old cars.
So this site and Hot rod Hanna was born..
This site was build for the Gentlemen of the Internet who want to watch Hot Rod Hanna learn how to build Muscle Cars and Restore parts
Stay tuned while this site is being build.
Soon you will be able to see all of Hanna's handiwork in the shop. 



Now there are several ways you can view Hot Rod Hanna's  Car work, Videos or her photo shoots

Here's a small gallery of some of her shots with before she decided to become HotRod Hanna



Their will be free previews of her sexy photo shoots (Pg style) always available on  hotrodbabez


Hanna loves to inter act with her fan's.

So she will have her own profile on motorheadmen in the social media pages to share her stories and interact with her fan's.

Stop by and join in the fun!